Because we are into recruitment, the logical outworking entails that we train these recruited staff. We conduct consistent periodic training both for our staff and for staff of organisations who require refresher courses during the period they are still employed.

kobbsagventure trainers are highly trained and professional, knowing areas to address during these trainings to yield positive outcomes for the organisations.

We pride ourself as having a traceable track record in the hallways of excellence as it concerns further human resource development at all times.

Our trainings are flexible and done at the convenience of our clients. This is to ensure a holistic cover for the required training and have the maximum business transforming effect through participants of our trainings

Most organisations recognise the critical need to provide employees with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them perform their jobs effectively. We work with clients to develop and implement a comprehensive range of HRD-related initiatives including the identification of training needs, training and career development program establishment and training evaluation.

In addition, we offer a growing range of specialised programs of its own. These programs are highlighted in the training programmes.

For us at KobbsAgventure, Human Resource is very essential to corporate governance. Great HR teams multiply the effectiveness of their most valuable resources – people. You almost certainly have invested in experienced minds to guide your brand onward and upward- technical, marketing, and business minds who will help you avoid the business world’s many pitfalls. As a professional consulting firm, Human Resource is the greatest ally in recruiting, training, and retaining the best team possible for maximum output.

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